Garbage Disposal Clogged

Garbage disposal is that small machine under your sink that shreds the food waste to prevent them from getting your garbage disposal clogged. It is electrically powered and can be found between the drain and the trap. Not every home has this but North American resident are big fans. Garbage disposal is an accessory but a very useful one. By installing a unit under your sink, you can prevent your sink from flooding or food wastes from bunging up your sink hole. But having the device should not make you confident to throw in just anything.

However systematic and convenient it may seem, garbage disposal is not always in perfect working condition. At one point, something will go wrong. This is when certain food matters or hard objects that are hard to grind gather inside and block the water from running and leave your garbage disposal clogged. You will know it when, suddenly, you find your sink flooded. The problem is pretty annoying but easy to solve. Here are a few tips to help you get your garbage disposal back to normal.

Repair The Garbage Disposal Clogged

When you found your garbage disposal clogged, try to examine it first yourself using a tong or a long wooden stick that fits enough in the hole to feel the stuffing. Use a flashlight to see clearly if food wastes or other objects like silverware or bottle caps were present. If you think you can lift the obstruction using the tong, try to do so.

In case there are no hard objects, it’s probably food waste. Try pressing the hole with a long stick to release them. After a few presses, open the faucet and check if the problem persists. If not, that is the time you get down under. Garbage disposals come with a special turning tool also called the Allen wrench.

You will find a small hole at the bottom of the disposer which you will have to turn with the tool clockwise and counterclockwise. This will help loosen the clog.

Check again by turning the power on and running the water. You can turn the disposal on again after. If the problem did not get solved, keep your hopes up. Seeing your garbage disposal clogged is not forever. You can call a plumber to work on the problem professionally.

Just remember to avoid dropping vegetable and fruit peels, meat bones, and several beans such as coffee ground – matters that are not easily digested by your garbage disposal – as these will cause a really big disturbance later on.

It is also recommended to keep it in check once a week for early detection of problem if there are any. Some garbage disposer problems have different way of fixing them. It is not always gets solved with a tong and flashlight or a turning tool but usually, simple cases like this is a no-brainer.

The above-mentioned technique is just one way of not getting your garbage disposal clogged and there are several others that you may have to learn about your machine to know how to fix them should another problem arises.